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Phone: (07) 5474 8244

Upstairs Noosa Fair, Lanyana Way,

Noosa Heads, 4567

PO Box 1910, Noosa Heads, 4567

Queensland, Australia

Mora Noosa (07) 5474 8244

Dean O'Brien and Fiz Taylor are the MORA Noosa team, with varied backgrounds in Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Flower Essences & Counselling.

By Appointment:

Monday to Saturday

Phone (07) 5474 8244

Upstairs above the pharmacy, next to Kip McGrath, Noosa Fair Shopping Centre, Lanyana Way, Noosa (map)

PO Box 1910, Noosa Heads, 4567 Queensland, Australia

Read "what to bring to your appointment"

Your Mora Noosa Therapists

Dean O'Brien

20 years experience as a Mora Therapist

Fiz Taylor

Over 10 years as a Naturopath & Mora Therapist.

Empowered Health ~ Conscious Choices

At Mora Noosa we aim to help you have empowered health through conscious choices discussing many aspects of change - whether it's habitual, emotional, or physical such as pathogens, dietary, supplements. We take our cues from whatever you require. Our aim is to listen, inform and create with you means towards your best self, well-being and balance.

Book your appointment

Phone Mora Noosa (07) 5474 8244 or email us or for more information or to book your treatment

Allow 2.5 hours for an initial appointment or 1.5 hrs for a follow up appointment

What to bring to your appointment

During your appointment test how foods, drinks and supplements affect your body. Please bring -

a sample of your drinking water from home, work and the gym

your favourite bottled water, juice or drinks

any supplements or medications

any foods you have concerns about

Mora Noosa ~ Noosa Fair Shopping Centre ~ Lanyana Way ~ Noosa Heads, 4567

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